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About JP CrossFit

We’re college professors and kindergarten teachers, firefighters and lawyers, project managers and grad students.

JP CrossFit is a neighborhood gym, with many of our members living in close proximity to Forest Hills in southern Boston. Our focus is on getting fit, and having fun doing it. Although there are some (very) friendly rivalries at the gym, our main focus is on improving ourselves every day, not trying to beat anyone except our past selves.

We’re a community that strives to be supportive of all people, regardless of your background—you’re welcome at JP CrossFit regardless of your skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, or economic background.

About CrossFit

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is small group personal training consisting of constantly varied, universally scalable workouts.  We focus on functional movements that build strength and improve metabolic conditioning for a full-body fitness that defies the limits of any one sport or activity.

More than that, CrossFit is an empowered attitude toward the human body.  It’s all about learning new skills, taking on challenges, and having fun.  If you think working out is a chore, come see how we do it!  CrossFit athletes value individual attention, customized programs, and scientifically supported nutritional advice, but we are also part of a community that encourages and supports us in achieving our goals.

What is universal scalability?

CrossFit is designed to be a challenge–no matter what your starting point.  Each exercise will be adjusted to fit your ability so you can complete workouts alongside other athletes in your class.  We scale load and intensity, we don’t change programs.  You’ll see quantifiable results regardless of what your current fitness level may be, from couch potato to Olympian, from Marine to Grandma.

What do we mean by “universal fitness”?

Our workouts are designed to deliver fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive.  We combine cardio conditioning, gymnastics, and lifting in an exercise program that will prepare you for any physical challenge you may encounter, and give you an extra edge in sports.

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