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loganLogan Miller

Owner and Senior Instructor

Logan Miller has not always been an athlete. Mandatory sports practice through middle and high school was an unpleasant necessity, although he enjoyed the team camaraderie. In 1999 he embraced martial arts, which led him along a winding path through fire spinning, acrobatics, circus performance, and ultimately to CrossFit. Now Logan draws on his varied background, as well as his experience as an Olympic Lifting Coach with the USAW to create an environment where getting fit and healthy is exciting and fun, as well as effective.


  • CrossFit Trainer (Level 1)
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Football
  • USAW Olympic Lifting Coach (Level 1)
  • Freestyle Connection Movement with Carl Paoli

Chris Doty

Head Coach

Chris took his first ever CrossFit class at JP CrossFit on the day they opened. He swore up and down that he just wanted to get in better shape, and that he wasn’t going to get fanatical about CrossFit. Two years later, he was signed up to get his Level 1 certification and start interning at JPCF. Chris comes to CrossFit coaching from academia, where he studied and taught linguistics, focusing especially on indigenous languages of North America.


  • – Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3)
  • – CrossFit Rowing (erg + water) Course
  • – CrossFit Scaling Course
  • – CrossFit Judges Course (2017)


  • – Functional Movement Screen (Level 2)
  • – Precision Nutrition (Level 1)
  • – USAW Olympic Lifting Coach (Level 1)
  • – Mobility|WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist
  • – Coach Development Program at Reebok CrossFit ONE

Tim Wells



Tim has always been active. He played soccer, baseball and hockey growing up, and briefly dabbled in martial arts and rowing, but he was pretty terrible at all of it. Nothing was ever quite able to capture his attention enough for him to put in the time to become great. Tim found JP CrossFit in early 2014, when he was a burnt out cake decorator desperately looking for a hobby to break up his work week. He quickly latched on to the daily challenges, the incredible JPCF community and the endless list of skills to master. Tim has a natural inclination towards gymnastic and bodyweight movements, and looks forward to getting his CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Certificate soon.


  • CrossFit Trainer (Level 2)

Isaac Everett



Isaac Everett has a particular passion for nutrition and body composition change, having lost eighty pounds of body fat over the course of his fitness journey, which began in 2013. He is a fierce advocate for mobility work, and will happily share the sublime experience of smashing a kettlebell into your psoas. Isaac is a part-time coach with JPCF, splitting his time between teaching classes, developing affordable co-housing, and being a priest in The Episcopal Church. His other passions include transgender justice and advocacy, extremely nerdy board games, and playing the didjeridu.


  • CrossFit Trainer (Level 1)

Laura Grover



Laura found CrossFit in 2009 while looking for a community in Northern Kentucky after moving there from Texas. She immediately fell in love with the community and structure of CrossFit and built lasting relationships with both. Laura coached at Ft. Wright CrossFit in Northern Kentucky from 2013-2017, at which time she moved with her husband and twin boys to Boston. Knowing the best way to meet great people is through CrossFit, she joined JP CrossFit and was welcomed with open arms. Laura is thrilled to be able to continue coaching and use her experience to help others.


  • CrossFit Trainer (Level 2)
  • CrossFit Olympic lifting
  • CrossFit scaling


    Outlaw Parabellum Camp

IMG_1604Jamie “Jade” Dahmer


Jade began her fitness training via tree climbing at a very young age.  She continued on with 5 years of Martial Arts training, before heading to college and getting an A.B. in Classics from Vassar College. Afterwards, she discovered the circus community in Boston and delved into Handbalancing, Aerial Silks, and Fire Spinning before plunging into Crossfit in 2010.

She received her Level One Certification in 2011, and has since been soaking up as many certifications as she can. Most recently, she has completed her CF – Level 2. In her spare time, Jade loves snorkeling/scuba diving, hiking/bouldering, spinning fire, running around with her dog, Oly, and sharing her favorite Paleo recipes.


  • CrossFit Trainer (Level 2)
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • Freestyle Connection Movement with Carl Paoli
  • USAW Olympic Lifting Coach (Level 1)
  • CrossFit Endurance
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