OWLs! Because hooooo doesn’t like bonus points!

Welcome back witches and wizards! It’s time to learn about OWLs. In the Potterverse, the Ordinary Wizarding Levels were subject-specific tests that students took at the end of their fifth year. While we played with the idea of making our version a sort of pass/fail test that you could take, that didn’t really seem in […]

Patronus! How to choose your goal and what to ….Expecto…..

Good start, Tim. People will definitely take you seriously now…. Hi. You’ve heard us chatting about the Quidditch Cup and choosing Patronuses for a few weeks now, and hopefully you read the QCup blog post from earlier this week, found here. In the world of Harry Potter, a wizard’s Patronus is a powerful defensive spell, […]

Announcing the First Annual JPCF Dottir-off!

Greetings travelers!  Open season is upon us once again! Those delightful five weeks where we find out how our fitness stack up against the rest of the world! Where we test our finely tuned skills in an international contest of will and grit!! Where, as Jasmine would say, we discover our inner Katrin Davidsdottir and […]