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19.3 Where RX and Scaled Mean the Same Thing–Literally

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Blog, Challenges, WOD | on March 12, 2019

“I went to bed bath and beyond to look for duvet covers, squatted down and was like ‘and this is where I live now’”

-Britney (aka Babe Castro) on post 19.3 soreness

That moment when the #functionalfitness that you did during 19.3 made it impossible to functionally walk up the stairs, or use the bathroom, or pick up that protein powder packet you just dropped on the ground and will definitely not attempt to pick up. Yes 19.3 made sure to let you know that though the other 19’s were brutal, they would never amount to the type of quad and hamstring damage overhead walking lunges and endless box step-ups will do to you. 19.3 showed you that the difference between RX and Scaled is really only a mater of about 5 inches. Regardless of what version you chose, you should feel proud of yourself because in the end you have won the honor of eternal leg-soreness. Congrats!

A completely full 6am class

19.3 JPCF Stats*



Sarah Minahan 131 reps

Leanna Ehrlich 111 reps

Sarah Chen 93 reps
Martin Mcdermott 134 reps

Rich Dion 133 reps

James Greer 112 reps

Suzanne getting her first strict HSPU

JPCF Rankings Thus Far*



1st Leanna Ehrlich

2nd/3rd Cathy Miller

2nd/3rd Allie Morgan
1st John Baldwin

2nd James Greer

3rd Tim Wells

*A JPCF-only filter was used to determine rankings and may differ from national/international rankings. To see where you stand internationally visit https://games.crossfit.com/leaderboard/open/2019

Fun Workout Facts

Laura Looking FIERCE as she tackled RX

Sarah C. may have been the only person in the gym (Scaled or RX) to make it to bear crawls. If you didn’t get a chance, check out her and Sarah B’s AWESOME performance during Thursday night’s head-to-head

Sarah B. powered-up twice during the workout to the “oh’s” and “aww’s” of all onlookers…she crushed it, of course

Angel looked at the box height, measured it to his hip, and decided that the 19 workouts have it out for shorter athletes. Alyssa agrees. Regardless, Angel not only made it to the wall, but got some strict HSPU’s in to boot!

“Why’s the other Sarah going faster than you? Why aren’t you catching up? These push-ups are easy for her!”

Sarah B’s 5 year old daughter, Simone, on watching Sarah’s performance

Suzanne hit her first strict HSPU…got bored and hit another!

While fueled by the power of beer, both Kyle and Allie hit their first HSPU’s. They are convinced alcohol enhances mobility. Why haven’t athletes taken advantage of this performance-enhancing drug before!?

Jae decided that part of handstand push ups is flying head first into the wall. It was quite marvelous actually. Amidst acrobatics, Jae kicked some serious WOD butt!

Tim put on a lifting belt to complete some handstand pushups. Onlookers say he looked quite fierce

Iris took incredibly large steps (because you know, she’s used to stepping over all of the plebeians) with 35 lbs overhead to complete the RX lunges! She was in #beastmode

Stella played all of Jasmine’s hits. Jasmine nearly cried out of happiness mid-19.3, but instead used the Cardi, Britney, Reggaeton hits to crush the workout (or at least crush her quads)

Amaris had never tried a strict HSPU before, gave it a try, and got like a million of them—no big deal.

Leanna made HSPU look like a walk in the park #superwomanmode

Martin and Rich dueled to the death…Martin won, but both were left in a state of soreness

Quotes and other Randomness

Don’t we all wish we could be this baby?

Britney (aka Babe Castro) on post 19.3 soreness “I went to bed bath and beyond to look for duvet covers, squatted down and was like ‘and this is where I live now’”

Jasmine went hiking in the snow without snowshoes and had to do bear crawls up hills. She felt the #functionalfitness of 19.3 so bad that she nearly vowed never to touch a dumbbell again. Alas, she is a coach and must.

Babe Castro on JPCF community/culture “I drove up and saw the trashcan full of beers and thought to myself ‘ahh these are my people’”

Leanna went skiing for 2 days after 19.3. She said “I feared for the safety of others. My quads just wouldn’t work. I was like…well I might just die”.

Simone (Sarah B’s 5-yr old daughter) on witnessing her mom do a workout “Why’s the other Sarah going faster than you? Why aren’t you catching up? These push-ups are easy for her!” Tough love.

Will brought a special playlist in order to complete his 19.3. He called it his “super gay 19.3 pump up playlist”. Sources say that the hits included Rihanna, Kesha, Nicki Minaj, Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga and many other queer Icons. The gym was lit.

Melissa and Eric brought their puppy to Friday Night Lights. Said puppy made many a baby, toddler, and adult “ohh’ and “awww” at its cuteness

Jenna and Cathy played “catch the baby” with an actual baby. New CrossFit open idea?

Couldn’t resist putting this other photo in, taken 1 second later Notice the sucker is now outside of the mouth…too cute!

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