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19.4 You Wanted Muscle-ups? You got them! But First, Burpees.

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Blog, Challenges, WOD | on March 19, 2019
A post 19.4 Jenna

People somersaulted, crashed into pull-up bars, woded on broken limbs, and nearly passed out all in the hopes to achieve two things: excellence and that darn muscle-up/chin-over-bar pull-up! This weeks open-report is chop-full of fun quotes, shenanigans and other interesting tidbits. Also, there are babies. Very, very cute babies. Enjoy!

The Stats

19.4 Leaderboard*



Allie Morgan 89 reps

Cathy Miller 88 reps

Sarah Minnahan 77 reps
Martin Mcdermott 119 reps

John Baldwin 111 reps

James Greer 110 reps

Overall Leaderboard*



Leanna Ehrlich

Allie Morgan

Cathy Miller
John Baldwin

James Greer

Tim Wells

*A JPCF-only filter was used to determine rankings and may differ from national/international rankings. To see where you stand internationally visit https://games.crossfit.com/leaderboard/open/2019


Megan getting her muscle-up on

-After nearly completing some pullovers/somersaults on the bar, as well as swinging full speed chest into bar, Leanna got her first bar muscle up!

-Paul W. persevered and got his first bar muscle up!

-Nisha got her first kipping pull up. She made sure to get some videos/photos, because we all know that if it isn’t facebook/instagramable, it never happened

-Allie PR’d by chaining together 8 bar muscle-ups. It looked effortless

-Kyle snatched her pr 30 times in order to be able to do RX…something tells me that is not her PR anymore

Fun Quotes

Coaching with a baby? All in a days work for Tim!

-“Muscle-ups are like periods…they come maybe once a month, cause lots of pain, and then leave you as if they had never been there to begin with” – overhead group conversation

-Sarah TL about Andy Sechler (as he screams post WOD) “What is he doing?” Jules: “he’s resting” SL: “In lifeguard training when someone looks like that, we call 911”

Workout-Related Shenanigans

Not only can he dance, but he can fly! Go Will!

-Mike, Rob, and Chris decided that they needed to color-coordinate in order to properly power-up for the WOD. Lime green is def all the rage!

-Nora, Laura, and Erin went RX on the workout and made it to the pull-up section. They went #beastmode

-Jill was the only one to show up at 5am on Friday and rocked the RX. What a warrior!

-Amaris basically push-snatched the barbell overhead…because why not take snatching to a whole new level?

-Renee realized to her dismay that indeed she was allowed to step back and forward during the burpees. She was too out of breath to properly rage

Abby took the crying baby from a panicked Jasmine. Bless her

-Megan has been working for the past 2 years to strengthen her muscle ups (since the last time she got them she was not pleased with their appearance) and came back to get some pretty great looking muscle ups! She tore, but what a badge of honor!

-Perhaps it was the 1 beer she consumed? Perhaps it was the Friday Night Lights fever? Or perhaps it was team camaraderie to make sure Tim! did not do the WOD alone? Regardless, Allie did 19.4 two times in one day. But don’t worry, she made sure to re-test for a final 3rd time on Sunday because why not?

-Ayla used her feet to climb up pull-up mountain, almost getting her first strict chin over bar

-Most people see RX, or RX+ and shiver with fear. But did you know there was one more level? During 19.4 the Sarah M. Level was invented. In order to complete this one must do the workout RX and with only 3 limbs. Sarah M. not only finished 1-legged bar hopping over burpees and muscle snatches, but even got through the first set of muscle ups.

Funny Tidbits and Other Eccentricities

Our Reebok model Leanna spotted at Whole Foods. Rocking that #60%discount

-Baby Fairley made her way across a box and into Jasmine’s arms. She then proceeded to nuzzle her head into Jasmine’s shoulder. Sources say Jasmine lost it. The mothering feels were too real.

-An insider’s interview revealed that Leanna has a genetic mutation that leads her body to produce more red blood cells than usual. Is that how she’s able to bounce off a bar and keep going?

-Stella provided the most appropriate wodding music. How can we scheme a way to steal her for all classes?

-Jasmine guessed the exact three movements that were going to be used for the WOD. She will forever gloat about this.

-Jenna and Tim! tackled the WOD while nursing delicate bellies, and destroyed it–as expected

-Kyle came to the rescue when Facebook Live wouldn’t work. Thank you Kyle providing all of the amazing technological devices you seem to always have on hand

-Alyssa decided that this was her WOD. Finally she, as a shorter athlete, felt seen!

-Kyle almost accidentally did a muscle up when she was supposed to do chin-over-bar. Don’t you hate it when you do that?

-Meredith decided that kipping pull-ups were so last year, and instead did strict pull-ups for chin over bar.

Not one, but two babies!

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