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20.1 Burpee Armageddon

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on October 14, 2019

Was it a burpee workout? Was it a barbell workout? Was it a burpee workout disguised as a barbell workout? One thing is for sure, the aftermath left our athletes strewn in victorious, sweaty piles! This workout tested your ability to pace, your muscular endurance, and most importantly your mental toughness. Before we get into all the awesomeness that happened during Friday Night Lights, make sure you check out the video of Suzanne and Alexia throwing down Thursday night. We are all SO PROUD of their performance and their willingness to showcase to us all of their hard work. Good job team!

The Happenings

-Tammy wins most exuberant judge award. If you don’t believe me, check out the evidence below!

-Jules took not one, but four for the team by judging 4 consecutive heats

-Ton Ton crushed her WOD by hitting RX weight in the masters division

-Rachel wodded to the tune of Meatloaf’s Bat Outta Hell (which is 9:50 long) followed by Meatloafs Paradise by Dashboard Light (another 8+ min song). Music is important, and Rachel has clearly gotten her music down to the second

-All of team Timsdottir booed Sarah M. as she eagerly volunteered to judge for team Jasminesdottir

-Sarah B. swept in and destroyed! She kept an aggressive pace and dominated on her rounds!

-Congrats to our valiant finishers whose suffering know no bounds: Jenna, Leanna, Martin, and John

-Amaris finished 7 rounds, ran away into the structure and said “I can’t stop moving” as she continued pacing for the next 4 minutes

-Jasmine, Sarah M, and Leanna all somehow ended up powering up after the WOD. Is it even a power-up if it happened after the fact? Only Rob knows…

-Amy Halliday and her husband (who I’ve been told is a mean cook!) Simon wodded together–those who wod together stay together!

-James, Sarah Minahan, Rich, and Cathy were all within 10 reps of finishing–so close!

-Cristey, Juston, Marc, Tammy, Damien, Keisha, Ari, Sohvi, Meara, Robby, and Sarah W. tackled their first open WOD! Though it was tough, they were tougher!

-Reni’s advice to group Jasminesdottir after she completed the WOD “It’s all about the burpees. If your burpee/cardio game is tight, you’ll probably be fine. Burpees ate my soul” followed by a meme stating “I’ve got 99 problems and burpees are every single one of them”

Action Shots

Sarah B
Ton Ton

Couple Sightings

Jenna + Cathy
Amy + Simon

Out of Town but Not Out of the Competition!

Erin + Nora + Amy couldn’t be here to WOD with us, but instead they wodded with us in spirit as they dropped into other CF gyms across the country! They represented us and their respective Dottir teams from afar and boy are we proud of them for doing that!

Nora (left) Erin (right)

Socializing and Other Shenanigans

Jasmine taking a selfie with a big group of Timsdottir
Are they short? Tall? We will never know?
Sylvia + Nisha Sporting the Latest in Timsdottir Fashion
Post-WOD Photo Shoot
Spot the Puppy!
Goofy Group Pic
I’ll leave you to make an artistic interpretation of this image

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