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20.3 Return of the Dreaded Hand Stand Push-up Standard!

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on October 30, 2019

Though the weight was heavy, and the handstand standards daunting, our athletes did a great job jumping headfirst (get it?) into the WOD. Our members conducted a deep analysis of the new HSPU standard (seen to the right) and decided that they would throw caution to the wind and just go for it! And boy did they DOMINATE!

Because this workout was so difficult to get through, we wanted to highlight the athletes (both scaled and RX) who were able to complete the Diane portion of the workout. Cheers to the following folks!


Sarah M

Though certainly not an exhaustive list, below are some other firsts/highlights:

-Katie Tee Deadlifted her PR 6 times…guess she has a new PR!

-Ton Ton crushed her previous opens. In 218 she did her 21 deadlifts in 7:59, and this year she did all 21 of rx weight in 2:25-nearly tripling her time!

-Josh B was able to accomplish all 21 handstand push ups–a movement he had first gotten last open!

-Allie redid their workout hoping to get just a few more reps and ended up destroying their previous score and coming out on top for the whole gym

-Lisa went from 1:07 tie break time previously to a :34 on her deadlifts. She absolutely CRUSHED it!

-Sarah Minahan PR’d her deadlift by lifting 205 not once but twice!

-Leah pulled 205 with 3 seconds left, basically cartwheeling from a handstand to the barbell. One must lift in style of course!

-Jasmine got into the second round of handstand push ups when she couldn’t get one while warming up with the new standard.


Sohvi making friends

Families Being Super Cute

Whose the one doing all the lifting? Certainly not Rob
All the young friends
Fundamentals with Nisha
Jade entertaining Elric
Nisha getting schooled on the bike
Paris cuddling Amaris

Couple Sightings!

Rob and Abby
RJ and Alla
Michael and Aggie
Nora and Erin
Amaris and Family!!
Josh and Andrea

Action Shots

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