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2020 JPCF Gym Intentions!

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on January 5, 2020

Happy New Years JPCF family! Here at JPCF we are excited for all of the opportunities we have to continue to improve ourselves and this gym we love! We wanted to take the time to let you all in on some of our 2020 intentions. We want to do this for a few reasons 1) by letting you in on our intentions, we hope to hold ourselves accountable to making them happen 2) to communicate to ya’ll that we are always on the lookout to improve ourselves and 3) let you know that you are ALWAYS welcome to give us a heads up on ways we can improve, whether it’s by mending a sad wall ball, providing coaches with feedback, or throwing more raging Friday Night Lights parties!

We also asked each of our coaches to let us in on their personal goals/intentions surrounding the new year. We hope that their vulnerability and willingness to share their hopes with you all can help jump start your brainstorming process! We would love to talk with you about your goals, and will be continually looking for ways we can help you meet them!

Without further ado, I present to you some of our gym intentions (though not an exhaustive list)–it is a good start.

Gym Intentions for 2020

  • New look:
    • While we love our view of Jamaica Pond, we have decided that it’s time to recommit ourselves to finishing the mural. What theme? We leave that as a surprise!
    • The wall by the mural is going to be getting a fresh coat of paint, and potentially some handstand stations–stay tuned!
  • New equipment:
    • We are always looking for ways to improve your experience–and some of those ways include purchasing new, and replacing older equipment. Below are some equipment that we hope to give some love to. As always, let us know if you suspect something might need to be replaced, or if your struck by a moment of inspiration and would like to suggest to us some new equipment
      • Jump ropes
      • Wall balls
      • New soft Boxes
  • New services:
    • We are aiming to host more seminars throughout the year, instead of hosting many seminars all in a row. Some ideas we have include:
      • Goal setting seminar
      • Gymnastic seminars
      • Mobility seminars
    • We are hoping to provide members with an easy way to solicit services from trainers, whether it be asking for individual programming, goal setting assistance, or personal training sessions. We want to give you all what you’re asking for and hopefully this is a way we can accomplish this. More details to come!

Coaches Intentions for 2020

Logan’s Intentions for 2020

1) Grow as a coach- This has been a perennial goal of mine; this year, after 10 years of coaching, I will finally be getting my L2. I also will be taking a seminar on coaching adaptive athletes, for our members who need a little extra modification for workouts!

2) Strengthen the Gym! This one is multifaceted… Tim and Jasmine are the arms of JPCF, and we need those swole! This means pushing and enabling them to be their best. Certs, raises, and vacations to come back even stronger. Members are the legs of JPCF, without those we’d have a hard time getting places. When we opened, we imagined one day we would have 200 athletes at the gym, 2020 is the first time that has seemed like it could actually happen! My goal is to get you all super strong. More athletes squatting and deadlifting 200, 300, 400, and yes even 500 lbs.

Jenna’s Intentions for 2020

I am always working towards something! Having fitness, personal, and professional goals keeps me driven and determined to move forward. In the coming year I’m looking to expand my coaching knowledge, while blending my work in TBI rehabilitation with functional fitness. I’ve signed up for the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification and an Adaptive Training Certification. In the gym, you’ll see me overloading weights in WODs, targeting strength as my ‘weakness,’ and working towards proficiency and virtuosity in high skill gymnastics movements.

Jasmine’s Intentions for 2020

Last year I took a college course in order to deepen my anatomy and physiology knowledge and I was reminded how much I love learning and studying. As a resutlt, this year I plan to pursue is the CF-L3 cert. This is a test-based CF cert (unlike the first two which require attending seminars). In order to take and pass the test, I will need to create a study outline–which I will make due by the end of January. Based on how long I think it will take me to study, I will set a date to take the test (hopefully within 2-4 months of beginning studying). I’m holding myself accountable to this by 1) saying it here and 2) financially committing to signing up for the test once my outline is created. I want to keep challenging myself to increase my coaching and exercise-science knowledge!

Tim’s Intentions for 2020

The bulk of my intentions for 2020 revolve around my mental game. Primarily, I intend to remove the term “busy” from my vocabulary. Since becoming Head Coach in Nov 2018, I have unwittingly adopted this persona of the busy hard-working constantly-swamped manager, but the truth is that I’m simply disorganized. I could do so much more with the energy and motivation that I come equipped with naturally. Just have to learn how to harness it. You can expect more retail options (shirts, hoodies, branded gear etc) and a faster turnaround on my little fix-it projects around the gym (how long have I been meaning to retape the lines on the floor for the rowers?) Aside from that, I’d also love to take a Weightlifting Certification as well as the second level Gymnastics Certification. We’ve benefited a great deal from my first Gymnastics Cert last year, so I want to continue that upward trend moving forward.

One Comment to "2020 JPCF Gym Intentions!"

  • Lisa says:

    January 5, 2020 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    I love all the cert goals you all set! One thing I love about JPCF is the technical and scientific knowledge our coaches have and share with the athletes. You cannot get that level of knowledge sharing many places. It really appeals to me. I am excited about you all pursuing these certifications because I know that I will personally benefit from them and learning is fun! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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