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The Battle for Bosteros returns for a new season!

By Chris Doty | In Blog | on June 13, 2017

JP CrossFit, CrossFit Somerville, and Commonwealth CrossFit are partnering to bring you the most fun community-building CrossFit event this side of the Narrow Sea! Behold—the Battle for Bosteros!

In this two-day event, teams of two will come together to complete WODs at two of the gyms: Saturday at JPCF and Sunday at CrossFit Somerville. After the competition is over, we’ll have a BBQ to celebrate Sunday afternoon!

But here’s the fun bit—your team will be made up of people from different gyms! You’ll be making new friends while WODing alongside old ones, celebrating functional fitness and the summer.

The nitty gritty:

What is this event?

Battle of Bosteros, second of its kind, uniter of boxes, conqueror of Winter and sustainer of Summer, allier of the two realms, strengthener of bonds, creator of community, BBQer of meats.

When does the Battle for Bosteros take place?

July 15th and July 16th

What divisions are there?

We’ll be running both scaled and Rx divisions.

How do I decide what division I should be in?

Below are some guidelines about which division you ought to pick. None of these are hard and fast rules, but this should give you a sense of what’s expected of athletes in the two divisions.


  • -Single unders
  • -Jumping pull-ups
  • -Power clean of 95/65 (for reps)
  • -Power snatch of 75/55 (for reps)
  • -Deadlift of 135/95 (for reps)
  • -American kettlebell swing of 16kg/12kg (for reps)
  • -Sub-13 minute mile


  • -Double unders
  • -Kipping pull-ups
  • -Power clean 135/95 (for reps)
  • -Power snatch 95/65 (for reps)
  • -Deadlift 185/125 (for reps)
  • -American kettlebell swing of 24kg/16kg (for reps)
  • -Sub-11 min mile

Who can sign up?

Any current member of one of the participating gyms can sign up to compete.

How will teams be chosen?

When you sign up, we’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your skill level, including max lifts, whether or not you have certain movements (HSPUs, muscle-ups, etc.). Based on this info, we’ll put together balanced teams as best we can so that everyone has an equal shot at winning!

What if I know people from the other gyms?

Although you can specify a preference for a teammate from another gym, we’ll prioritize team balance first, and preferences second.

What happens if you don’t have equal numbers of people signed up from each gym?

We’ll ask you to enlist your friends! In the event we end up with an uneven number on the day the events start, though, some teams might have more than one person from each gym.

How much does this cost?

The registration fee is $55 per athlete.

What does my registration fee include?

Your registration fee gets you: an event t-shirt as well as food at the BBQ. We’re running this event at no (or very little) profit for us, so any extra cash after we’ve purchased t-shirts and prizes and booked the caterer will likely turn into beer at the BBQ.

What can I win?

Fame, glory, honor, and a chance to sit on the Throne of Iron! In addition to those, there will also be small prize packages for the top teams in each division.

How many WODs will there be?

A total of 4 guaranteed WODs: two on Saturday and two on Sunday. There may be a fifth WOD on the final day, depending on standings.

When will WODs be announced?

Some will be announced before the competition, and others will be announced during.

I have other questions, who should I ask?

You can check with a coach at your respective gym, or send an email to chris@jpcrossfit.com.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is a two-part process. First, click through to Wodify and pay your registration fee. From there, you’ll want to fill out a questionnaire, with details about you, your t-shirt size, what you want to eat, and some details about your lifts and gymnastics skills that we’ll use to build teams.

The deadline to sign up, and be guaranteed a shirt and a BBQ ticket, is July 6th at 5pm!

How is this two-day event going to work?


Check in JP CrossFit from 8:00am to 9:30am

Heats of Event 1 start at 10:00am

Lunch break 11:00am – noon

Heats of Event 2 start at 1:00pm

Sunday AM

Be at CrossFit Somerville by 8:30am

Heats of Event 3 start at 9:00am

Heats of Event 4 start at 11:00am

BBQ starts at 1:30pm!

Updated event schedule

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