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19.1: Stories

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Challenges | on February 26, 2019

19.1–simple but deadly, intense but somehow also boring. Remnants of athletes lay strewn upon the floor as the rowers continued rowing of their own accord. Noses and lips were lost to miss-caught wall balls. Cries such as “how is there still 8 minutes left!?” rang out throughout the JPCF stadium. But though the task at hand was tiresome and grueling, JPCF athlete-warriors supported each other to come out on top!

JPCF 19.1 Arena

While I will of course acknowledge the athletes trailblazing the way through 19.1, I also want to use this post to highlight all of the firsts that occurred during 19.1, as well as any other interesting factoids, quotes, and just plain silly-business that transpired.

The Firsts

Athlete’s First RX Wall Balls

Athlete’s First Open

Josh Brett

Michael Kolbek

Eric Morgenlender

Melissa Gavin

Denise Garofalo

Kyle Bounty

Nora Allen-Wiles

Erin King

Suzanne Vines

Nisha Basu

Amaris Torres

Kurt Spain
Suzanne Vinnes

Mike Schrek

Melissa Gavin

Jasmine Gerritsen

Jules Concannon

Erin King

Nora Allen-Wiles

Denise Garofalo

Ann Zumwalt

Taylor Strachan

Graham Hennessey

Kyle Bounty

Sarah Minahan

Brian Strachan

Dan Fishman

Leanna Ehrlich

Lourdes Vera

Stella Ayala-Kronos

Kurt Spain

Eric Morgenlender

Renee Gorman

Iris Ayala

19.1 Leader Board

Women’s Division

Men’s Division

1st  Cathy Miller, 266 reps

2nd Leanna Erlich, 248 reps

3rd Jenna Rosenthal, 247 reps

1st John Baldwin, 320

2nd Andy Sechler, 285

3rd Andrew Myers, 268

The Factoids

  • Samreen  and Brett L., two new members of our community, completed their first CrossFit open workouts together. They crushed it, of course.
  • John went unbroken until round 8.
  • Erin N. RX’d and used the 10 foot line as her standard #beast.
  • Josh B. and Rachel challenged themselves to go RX and dropped it like a squat over and over again to destroy the WOD… two times!
  • Rob went drill Sargent on Rachel during her retest. Here is a brief snippet of the interaction. Notice the “back to the bar!”
  • Graham wasn’t going to sign up for the Open. After some fervent convincing by his wife, he decided to do 19.1 not once, but two twice in 24 hours.
  • Dan did his first open workout, RX and by himself.
  • Kurt discovered that the 20lb wall ball might indeed be evil-incarnate.
  • Nora was a beast on the rower. It seemed to not be enough of a challenge for her.
  • Amy S. also chose the RX and hustled to get that ball over the line–she meant business.

Quotes, and Just Plain Silly-Business

  • Friday Night Lights: Was it a dance party? A house party? A workout? It was all of that and more.
  • JPCF was visited by Eric and Melissa’s dog during Friday Night Lights. Sources say he was very, very cute.
  • James encouraged his workout buddy by showing off his version of the floss.
  • Jenna stayed through all classes on Friday to volunteer judge and cheer-lead our athletes.
  • Stella donated her time and excellent DJ skills to Friday night lights!
  • Alyssa, “I just LOVE the workout. All of it.” These are most definitely things Alyssa said.
  • Erin K. swayed to punk rock beats as a form of encouragement while Suzanne pushed through the workout.
  • 6:00 AM prefers punk rock.
  • 7:00 AM prefers 90’-00’s pop.
  • 5:00 AM doesn’t know because they’re not lucid enough to comprehend what the music is.
  • Below is an image of Jenna cradling a very destroyed Tim for your viewing pleasure. A reward for making it through this entire post.
CrossFit Version of Madonna and Child?

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on the next Open report, or if you have any stories or photos you would like to contribute, please reach out to me at jasmine@jpcrossfit.com.

One Comment to "19.1: Stories"

  • Rich Dion says:

    February 26, 2019 at 11:11 pm - Reply

    Nice write up! Martin McDermott scored a 285 on Monday just before the deadline!

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