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19.2 Potentially the Most Favorite Open Workout Yet!

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Challenges | on March 5, 2019

It is  a truth universally acknowledged that a WOD containing barbell and pull-up bar elements must be in want of a sadistic CrossFitter. And boy were we wanting at JPCF. Though there were rips to be had and whips to be sustained, JPCF athletes challenged themselves to heavy weights or difficult movements. Below is the 19.2 recap with stats and random facts. Enjoy!

19.2 Leader Board



1st Leanna Ehrlich 174 reps,  tb @ 6:15

2nd Ally Morgan 174  reps, tb @ 6:36

3rd Jenna Rosenthal 173 reps, tb @ 6:01
1st John Baldwin 258 reps, tb @ 10:49

2nd Martin McDermott 255 reps, tb @ 10:07

3rd Rich Dion 254 reps, tb @ 10:27

19.2 Firsts/PR’s

Amaris finishing a super heavy rep

-Sarah C. got her first couple of double unders, then went on to complete about 30 RX

-Michael K. got his first couple toes to bars

-Aggie got to the final round and deadlifted 205 lbs … 3 different times! Beastmode!

-Alla hit a new clean PR weight

-Ann most likely got a squat clean PR

-Sarah B. caught a PR and rose from the depths of her squat clean–everyone lost it on her behalf

Overall Leader Board



1st Leanna Ehrlich

2nd Cathy Miller

3rd/4th Aly Morgan

3rd/4th Jenna Rosenthal
1st John Baldwin

2nd James Greer

3rd Andy Sechler

Athletic Feats

Meredith getting ready to lift some serious weight

-Janelle did 50 TTB, even though she thought she wasn’t going to be able to get 1!

-Angel wanted one squat clean at 185..he got 2!

-Tim decided he wanted to do the workout 3 different times because why not?

-Amy S. wanted 2 reps at the heavy round 2…and got 3! Her sons flooded the floor to give her a big congratulatory hug

-Sarah C. finished all of 19.2 scaled at 17:23…then decided to do RX as well because she just couldn’t get enough of 19.2

-Renee was 5 reps away from finishing 19.2! It was awesome!

-Michael K. challenged himself to grind through TTB

-Tim basically did 5 reps in 30 seconds to graduate to the next round

-Leanna hit 2 reps in 10 seconds and about 4 reps in 20 seconds during the last minute of round 2 rx to become our 19.2 women’s leader

-John, Rich, Martin, Tim, and James made it to RX round 3

-Ann straight-up rowed that barbell into the front rack and then into a squat clean…so strong!

Cuteness and Other Tales From 19.2

-Rich’s son Julian was kettlebell swinging with our very own Cuddlebella

-Leah brought a weight-vested Simon who was doing his own version of doggy-Murph

-Jasmine powered-up mid 19.2…Rob was pleased once he was told about this

-Alyssa admitted that Jasmine was RIGHT in her prediction of 19.2. Jasmine is waiting on the chocolate that Alyssa owes her

-Jenna and Cathy tied…tensions were high…jk they’re most definitely at least on frenemy talking terms

-Stella once again provided us wonderful music…right before she went off to kill it at the club! Idea: club day at the Crossfit?

-Jenna not only helped judge Tim on Thursday night but was up early Friday morning to help out the morning classes. She even stayed up way past her bedtime to help out during Friday Night Lights

-Ally decided that the best birthday gift comes in the form of a WOD

-Kyle and Ally played the roles of plate crew and cheer squad

-Jess and Tim did synchronized TTB for the first bit of the open. Sources say they looked very cute

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