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Announcing the First Annual JPCF Dottir-off!

By Tim! Wells | In Blog, Challenges | on October 2, 2019

Greetings travelers! 

Open season is upon us once again! Those delightful five weeks where we find out how our fitness stack up against the rest of the world! Where we test our finely tuned skills in an international contest of will and grit!! Where, as Jasmine would say, we discover our inner Katrin Davidsdottir and let her roar!!! 

Wow, that was a bit over the top, don’t you think?

Correct. Epic events call for epic introductions. 

This year, we thought we’d try something a little different for the Open. A little competition within a competition to get folks fired up. Introducing The First Annual JPCF Dottir-off! 

Neat. Except that isn’t a word. What is a Dottir?

For several years, the women’s competition at the CrossFit Games have been dominated by Icelandic women. Starting with Annie Thorisdottir and continuing with Katrin Davidsdottir, Sara Sigmundsdottir and a few other Dottirs, the term ‘Dottir’ has become synonymous with unrelenting determination and general badassery.

Okay, so then what is a Dottir-off?

A Dottir-off is a centuries-old Icelandic tradition that pits two teams of athletes against each other for eternal glory. Each team is named for an ancient Dottir hero that wandered the earth ages ago, vanquishing their foes with feats of fitness: Timsdottir and Jasminesdottir!

Athletes will earn points for their Teams by accomplishing the following:

  1. Signing up for the Open – 50 points
    • If you’ve already signed up, great, you’re good to go.
    • You *do not* have to sign up for the Open in order to participate in the Dottir-off. You just won’t be able to get these points.
  2. Performing the Open workout – 20 points
    • Do the workout, get your points. Can be during class, FNL or Open Gym.
    • You *do not* get more points for redoing the workout. Max 20 points/week.
  3. Submitting your score – 20 points
    • Folks forget to submit their scores A LOT. Hopefully this helps.
  4. Wearing your team colors to Friday Night Lights – 7 points
    • Pretty straightforward, right?
  5. Judging – 5 points
    • Every athlete competing in the Open needs their workout to be judged.
    • ***There is no cap*** You can earn as many judging points as you can handle!
    • Judging others during the regular classes on Friday counts, as does Open Gym over the weekend!

Similar to the Quidditch Cup, there will be a spreadsheet to track your points. You will be responsible for entering your own points, although Tim and Jasmine will be playing a larger role with this than the QCcup. For example, we’ll be tracking who is judging, counting our athletes in our color, etc. We’ll also be double checking stuff in general, but the more you all do, the easier our job will be.

Remind me one more time, what’s the deal with the Open?

The Open is a 5-week, international competition that starts on Thursday, Oct 10. CrossFit HQ announces a workout on Thursday, which the hundreds of thousands of participants have til Monday night to perform. I wrote a two-part blog post about it a few weeks ago, which you can find here and here.

How much does this cost?

Nothing! This competition is free, although it costs $20 to sign up for the Open. Since we’re not collecting any money, there will be no physical prizes this year, although we have some ideas for some other kinds of prizes. And also, the sweet glory of victory.

Cool, I’m in, how do I sign up?

Click here to fill out the quickest questionnaire ever. Deadline is Wednesday 10/9 at 8:00 pm.

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