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The Fourth Annual JPCF Quidditch Cup!

By Logan | In Blog | on December 18, 2018
MUGGLES, ASSEMBLE!!  Wait, that’s not right…….


WITH OUR MUGGLES COMBINED!!!  Nope, this isn’t working……


ACCIO MUGGLES!!  Aha! There you all are!



Wait wut


Welcome friends, to JPCF’s Fourth Annual Quidditch Cup! Can you believe this is our fourth time doing this? My name is Albus Dumbbelldore, once again your host for this year’s competition. Pay no mind to the fact I look nothing like Dumbbelldore from the first few movies. These casting things just kinda happen sometimes, ya know?


How did I get here?


I cast a spell. Accio Muggles brings me all the muggles. Have you even read Harry Potter?


I mean, yeah, but it’s been a while. I’m new to the gym, what are you even talking about?


Ah yes, allow me to explain. For the last few years, we’ve hosted an in-house competition, based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Participating athletes are sorted into Houses, where they set goals for themselves and earn points for their Houses by attending classes and completing an assortment of tasks, which I’ll outline below.


That sounds like fun! What if I lied and I’ve never actually read or seen anything Harry Potter-related? Is there a test? How do I study?


No worries, no prior knowledge of the Harry Potter universe is necessary, although there are at least nine and three quarters jokes you will not understand.


Hah I got that one! Okay, you have my attention, but my friend here has participated in the Quidditch Cup before. Should they continue reading?


Yes! While many elements of past QCups will be present and familiar, there are a number of changes this year that will hopefully make the experience even more enjoyable for more people. The explanation that follows is far more extensive than it’s been in the past, but hopefully it covers all the questions you may have during the competition. Simply utter “I solemnly swear to get all the gainz” and the rules will appear below!


They’re already there, I can already see them.


Oh….. Um….. Would it kill you to just pretend?  Gosh.






The Rules and Such


Registration begins: Tuesday, December 18

Registration deadline: Friday, January 4 @ 8:00 pm

Competition begins: Monday, January 7 @ 5:00 am

Competition ends: Sunday, February 10 @ 3:00 pm sharp

Duration: 5 weeks


The following guidelines for acquiring points for your House have not changed from previous years, although certain specifics may have been removed:

    • Attend a regular WOD or Community class – 10 points
    • Attend a focused skill class (Oly or Powerlifting) – 12 points
    • Complete at least 15 minutes of focused skill work, outside of class – 3 points (max per day)
    • Community Bonus! Attend Community with your teammates, with increasing points the more team members you have in attendance:
      • 1-3 members: 5 points (per team)
      • 4-6 members: 12 points (per team)
      • 7-10 members: 18 points (per team)
    • Accomplish a movement from the list below, for the first time, with full range of motion – 20 points
      • Toes to bar
      • Ring muscle up
      • Bar muscle up
      • 10 chained double unders
      • Unassisted strict pull-up
      • Unassisted kipping pull-up
      • Strict handstand push-up
      • Kipping handstand push-up
      • Rope climb
      • Legless rope climb
      • Pistol (both legs)


The following guidelines for acquiring points for your House *have changed or are new* so please read carefully:

    • PR a programmed lift:
      • By 1-9 lbs = 5 points
      • By 10-29 lbs = 10 points
      • By 30-49 lbs = 20 points
      • By 50+ lbs = 30 points
      • Please note: These points are here to reward you for your gainz, not to incentivize you to lift heavier than you should just for a few points. Be smart with your bodies.
    • PR a programmed benchmark WOD at an equal scale – 10 points
    • PR a programmed benchmark WOD at a harder scale – 20 points
      • Coach on the floor has final say as to whether a scale is acceptably “harder.”
      • Please note: Same as above. Perform the workout at the scale that is appropriate for you. Do not go lighter than you should to ensure a PR or go heavier than you can handle for more points. Be smart with your bodies!
    • Accomplish a movement from the list below, for the first time, with full range of motion – 20 points
      • Unassisted strict chest-to-bar pull-up
      • Unassisted kipping chest-to-bar pull-up
      • 10’ handstand walk
      • 25’ handstand walk
      • 3 unbroken freestanding handstand push-ups
      • Strict ring muscle up
      • Strict bar muscle up
      • 10 unbroken ring muscle ups
      • 10 unbroken bar muscle ups
      • 100 unbroken double unders
      • 200 unbroken double unders
      • 10 unbroken triple unders

In addition to all of these various ways to acquire points, each athlete will have a Patronus goal, worth 50 points. Your Patronus is a challenging but doable goal that you choose with the guidance of your Head of House. While this is not a new element, there are ***new rules regarding Patronuses: ***

  • Your Patronus must be something that you actually have to work towards. Setting it the first week and then getting it on your first try 4 days into the competition will not count this year. In that spirit, ***no Patronus goals will be awarded until the 3rd week of competition, or after Monday, January 21.*** If your Patronus goal is 5 chained handstand push-ups and you get it the second week, great! Your Patronus is now 10 chained handstand push-ups (or something else entirely) and you have 3 more weeks to work on it.
  • While this isn’t a rule necessarily, I implore you to choose Patronuses that encourage CONSISTENCY AND MASTERY. Chaining 10 toes to bar once is great, but if you barely made it to 10 and can’t reproduce it a week later, can you really say you have that skill? How about 5 sets of 10 over the course of the competition? Winning points is great and all, but the point of all this is to motivate skill-building. Let’s build some dang skills.


***  Note that we’re no longer awarding points for bringing friends to Community. Community is packed enough as it is without y’all bringing your entire Transfiguration study group all at once Hermione. Chill. You can still bring your friends, as always. Just no points this time around.  ***





And now for something completely different:

*** The Triwizard Tournament! ***


This is the fourth year of the JPCF Quidditch Cup. If you’re familiar with the Potterverse, you know that the fourth book in the series is The Goblet of Fire, which revolved around the Triwizard Tournament. It seems like too good an opportunity to pass up to have a similar series of actual competitions, where individuals step forward to compete for the glory of their House (and for points, obviously.)


So here’s how this competition within a competition is going to work:


First Task: Thursday Jan 17 – Sunday Jan 20 (2nd week)

Second Task: Thursday Jan 31 – Sunday Feb 3 (4th week)


Portions of a Task will be announced at the beginning of the 2nd and 4th week. Any Scaled and Rx athletes from any House that wish to participate can enter their name into the Goblet of Fire. On Wednesday evening, the entire Task will be announced, and one Scaled Champion and one Rx Champion from each participating House will be chosen (randomly) by the Goblet, who will have until Sunday to complete their Task. You may only complete the Task once. Scores will not be shared publicly, so there’s no gaming or incentive to go last. A second person must be present to judge, a la the Open. Shouldn’t be too big a deal as there is always someone here minding the gym.


It is the Champion’s responsibility to get the workout done during Open Gym by 3:00 Sunday. If a Champion has a reasonable excuse for not performing, they must withdraw by Saturday night so the Goblet has time to choose a replacement. (Withdrawing because the chosen Champion isn’t as good at wall balls as their Housemate is a great example of a bad excuse, and will not be honored.)


An Rx winner and a Scaled winner will be announced on Sunday evening. The winners will each win 65 points towards their House. The losing Champions will each earn 15 points towards their Houses for their participation.


Entering your name into the Goblet is entirely voluntary. Houses are not required to put forth entrants, but not participating guarantees 130 points will go to your competitors and not to you. If you are chosen as the Champion for the First Task, you may not enter your name for the Second Task.





Yeah, this all sounds like the best thing ever, but I still have questions. Does this cost me anything?

The cost per athlete is $15, the same as last year. As always, 100% of your entry fee goes towards the prize packages, and as always, every participating athlete will win a prize of some sort. Prizes in the past have included gift certificates to Rogue, Saucony, Nike, the Dogwood, or jump ropes, headbands, and mobility tools and the like. And of course the most magical potion of all: FitAid.


Your entry fee will be charged to your card on file on Tuesday, Jan 8. If you prefer a different method, please see Tim before the 8th.


Can you explain the Community Bonus? I remember that being confusing.


Ok so you and each of your Housemates get 10 points for attending Community. The Bonus is determined by how many of you attended, so if 3 of you show up, that’s a 5 point bonus, plus the 30 attendance points. If 10 of you show up, that’s an 18 point bonus, plus the 100 attendance points.


Can Houses lose points?


Nope, although I’m sure Meredith will try.


How are we tracking points?


We’re still going to use Google Sheets, although the spreadsheet will hopefully be a little easier to use this year. *** Athletes will again be responsible for adding their own points to the spreadsheet. We will show you how. Your Heads of House will keep an eye on things, but ultimately it’s up to you and your Housemates to report your points accurately. ***


What kinds of points can Heads of House win?


Heads of House will all have Patronuses and will be able to get points for achieving first movements from the lists. They do not get attendance points, PR points or skill work, and are not eligible for the Triwizard Tournament. 


Hey, what if I’m traveling?


Never fear. If you manage to drop in somewhere, snap a sweaty selfie with the coach or a mural and send it to your Head of House and/or the Athlete’s Page. If you do a Travel WOD of some sort in your hotel room, that counts too, you just gotta tell us.


Last year my friend went skiing and that counted. Is that still the case?


While other forms of physical activity are great and are of course encouraged, we’re not awarding points for non-CrossFit specific things this year. This includes going for a run, hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, shovelling, biking, roller-blading etc etc….. Yes these things are physical and they’ll certainly make you sweaty and sore, but we have to draw the line somewhere, and this is where we’ve drawn it.


What if I only come to Open Gym?


There are a number of athletes who follow different programming, or just come to Open Gym and do 4 old JPCF workouts in a row (hi Taryn!) These athletes are encouraged to participate in the Cup, and can get attendance points for their WODs, as well as PR points for PRing their programmed lifts or benchmarks.


Are there any weird rules regarding attendance I should know about?


Indeed. You may only earn one type of attendance point a day. So if you come to Community on Sunday, stay for Oly, and then do Friday’s WOD during Open Gym, first of all, chill, that’s too much and you need to sit down. Second of all, you will only earn 12 attendance points (for Oly) for that day. No credit for Friday or Community (yes your attendance can count towards the Community Bonus, you penny pincher.)


The Open Gym athletes from the previous question can get 10 points for working out during Open Gym, but they do not get more points for staying for the 4:30 class.


In the very specific scenario where you PR a benchmark during Community, PR your lift at Oly, and then PR the benchmark you missed from the previous Friday during Open Gym, again, chill out bro, but yes you get PR points for all those things. But please don’t do that. There are more important things than points, like the health and basic functionality of your bodies.


Are there going to be shirts this year?


I very definitely plan on designing some shirts/tank tops for you again. There will be an extra cost, and purchasing a shirt will of course be optional. Details to come.


I noticed you haven’t listed the Houses yet. Can I still be in House Sigmundsdóttir? I want to win again.


We are waiting to see how many people sign up this year to decide on how many Houses we’re going to have. Yeah, there are four Houses at Hogwarts but truthfully we’ve outgrown four Houses. If participation continues to grow like it has, we may have up to 6 or even 7 Houses this year!


Is there a potion or a magical spell you can cast that will allow me to talk to my teammates at any given moment, perhaps to express my thoughts and feelings in the form of GIFs?


Why yes, I do happen to have just the thing! In the past, participants have been strongly encouraged to join a group messaging service of some sort, usually Facebook Messenger, for the duration of the competition. Coordinating Community attendance, discussing goals, sharing advice, planning get-togethers, and most importantly, celebrating PRs and Patronus successes! Truly, if you skip out on the camaraderie-building with your House, you’re missing out on one of the best parts of the Quidditch Cup.


Well, I’m sold.  Gimme a quill, where do I sign?


Click on this link (it’s a portkey!) and you’ll be magically whisked to a short questionnaire that will help the Sorting Hat put you in the appropriate House. Registration deadline is ***Friday January 4 @ 8:00pm ***


The Sorting Hat will do it’s thing and hopefully by Saturday night, you’ll all have gotten an email with your House assignment, your Head of House and all your Housemates! Your $15 entry fee will be charged to your card on file on Tuesday Jan 8. Happy Quidditching!

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