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Get that Sn(i/a)tch—the 2017 Quidditch Cup is Here!

By Chris Doty | In Articles, Blog, News | on January 16, 2017

Muggles! It’s been a year since the Sorting Hat first put you into houses, challenging you to earn points as you tested your fitness and kept each other accountable to your goals. And now it’s time to do it again! We’ll be kicking off 2017 and getting ready for the 2017 CrossFit Open in style, with the Second Annual Quidditch Cup!

I wasn’t around last year—what are you even talking about?

The Quidditch Cup is a team challenge, during which you’ll earn points for your house by completing various tasks (detailed below). This year, the competition will run for the month of February.

How will teams be decided?

Everyone who signs up will be assigned to a House based on feedback from the Sorting Hat pseudo-randomly. Each house will have a staff member acting as Head of House, to help you keep track of your score and keep you motivated. The four Houses will be:

  • – House Briggs (Head of House: Tim)
  • – House Foucher (Head of House: Isaac)
  • – House Hobart (Head of House: Jade)
  • – House Malleolo (Head of House: Logan)

Hobart and Foucher

How do Houses earn points?

Members of each house will earn points for their team based on the following:

  • – Attend a regular WOD class — 10 points
  • – Attend a focused skill class (Oly or Powerlifting) — 12 points
  • – Complete at least 15 minutes of focused skill work outside of class (requires sign-off from a coach or Head of House) — 3 points
  • – Attend community WOD with your team members, with increasing points the more team members you have in attendance:
    • – 1-3 members: 5 points (per team)
    • – 4-6 House members: 12 points (per team)
    • – 7-10 House members: 18 points (per team)
  • – Bring a new-to-JPCF friend to a Community WOD — 15 points
  • – Accomplish a movement from the list below for the first time, with full range of motion — 20 points
    • – 20′ handstand walk
    • – Toes to bar
    • – Muscle up
    • – Bar muscle up
    • – 10 chained double unders
    • – Unassisted strict pull-up
    • – Unassisted kipping pull-up
    • – Strict handstand push-up
    • – Kipping handstand push-up
  • – Each pound of a PR on a lift, according to Wodify, will be worth one point (only valid if previous PR was in the last 6 months and part of normal programming; new PR must also be part of normal programming).

In addition to these ways of earning points, after you sign up, you’ll work with a coach to set a personal Patronus Goal—one challenging but doable goal for yourself. If you achieve it before the end of the competition, your team will receive 50 points.

Malleolo and Briggs

Can Houses lose points, like in the wizarding world of Harry Potter?


How will points be tracked?

We’ve set up a view-only spreadsheet, just like last year. This year, though, we’re going to ask that athletes track their own points (details of this system to come).

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF HOUSE MEMBERS TO MAKE SURE THEIR POINTS GET RECORDED ACCURATELY. The Heads of House and I will do our best to keep things on track, but if you see anything amiss, LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

What if I’m traveling?

If you are traveling, you can snap a selfie of yourself with a coach at another box, in a traditional gym, or looking sweaty on a hotel room floor if you do a WOD on your own. Email it to me or your Head of House, and you’ll get points for attendance.

How can I make sure my other team members are pulling their weight?

Communicate! Send emails, start a Facebook group or chat, check in for coffee once a week—however works for you!

What does it cost to enter?

Cost per athlete is $10. If you’d like to participate, but don’t feel like you have $10 to spare right now, please talk to us and we can figure something out—we want as many people involved as possible!

What do we win?

We’re still putting together details of the prize packages, and will post the details a couple of weeks into the competition, but like last year, you can expect to see a range of prizes, from personal training hours to FitAid!

Will coaches be shouting things like “10 points for Briggs!” during metcons?

I certainly hope so.

This is amazing. How do I sign up?

Send an owl to chris@jpcrossfit.com and let him know you’re in! EMAILS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 8PM ON SUNDAY, JANUARY 29TH! Team announcements will be made shortly thereafter.

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