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Gymnastics Seminars Part 2: Chest to Bar

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on September 17, 2019

Pop Quiz time!

Which shape is correct?

If you guessed 2 then you are correct! Hips are centered under the  pull up bar and the hollow body is maintained.

Figure 1 is working too much with the arms and is not fully utilizing the kip into the pull. Fix this by going back to chin-over-bar and perfecting a balanced kip.

Figure 3 does not have enough tension and is thus losing their hollow. Tension = power. Fix this by build midline (think core) strength. Go back to chin-over-bar and maintain hollow body at the top.

Figure 4 has let their center of mass go behind the pull up bar. This results in gradually getting farther and farther until the chest is pulled away from the bar. Fix this by holding the hollow more aggressively so that feet stay in front.

Now that you have a general understanding of where your body should be positioned in relation to the bar, below are a some drills and skill-work you can incorporate alongside your daily CrossFit training in order to 1) fix the problems you may be encountering 2) get you stronger in the positions you are doing well in and 3) provide you with alternative scales to the one’s your may currently be using.

*Note that similar to our TTB clinic, we are putting a greater emphasis on building that strict strength. All of the kipping drills in the world will not be able to make up for the lack of adequate strength to be able to pull yourself up.

Chin-over-bar Drill+Skill Work




Strict Toe Assist


Strict strength

Kipping on a box


kipping movement pattern



strict eccentric (lowering) strength, builds joint resiliency

Foam Roll Dumbbell arch to support


Reinforces arch and hollow position, lat strength

Landmine Presses

3 x 10

diagonal pushing and lowering strength (similar to that of a c2b), shoulder strength+ lat rotation

Land mine Row


Lat, posterior deltoid, and general pulling strength

Seated band/pvc to chest pull down


reinforces elbows back and down

Chest-to-bar Drill+Skill Work




Active Hang

3×30 sec

Grip strength

Chin-over-bar hang

3×20 sec

Grip strength + shoulder strength, builds joint strength resiliency

Wrist Curls

2 x 20 (unbroken)

grip strength

Flexed wrist DB Curls

2×20 (unbroken)

grip + bicep strength

Unbroken Strict Pull-ups


Strict strength

Unbroken Strict chest to bar


Strict strength, looking for perfect reps (no break in the hollow) Can use band.

Sign up next week for our Ring Muscle Up clinic. We will have a little something for everybody, regardless of your skill level with RMU. Here’s a little video from our C2B clinic to inspire you to sign up!

Glossary of Movements + Drills

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