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JPCF COVID-19 Protocol: A Message from Management

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on March 9, 2020

To our JP CrossFit family, 

It goes without saying that the health and wellness of our clients and employees is our first priority. COVID-19 has officially made its way to Boston, with 27 presumptive cases and 1 case being confirmed over the weekend. Should emergency directives be issued, we will take appropriate action as directed by government officials. 

This virus is presumed to be spread mostly through contact from an infected individual and transmitted by coughing and sneezing. Common symptoms include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, and lower respiratory issues. The elderly population is the most susceptible and those with underlying health conditions. It is imperative to the health and safety of all of our clients and employees that you refrain from coming in to the gym if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms. Continue to wash your hands as you enter the gym, when completing your workout, and before you leave for the day.

We are currently taking proactive, preventative measures to protect against exposure to the virus at the gym. We’ve installed 3 hand sanitizer stations (one by each of the doors, one outside the bathrooms). We’ll do everything we can to keep hand soap and paper goods in stock. Please note that using the hand sanitizer does not replace the need to wash your hands. Please do both.

Here is a list of things to do to ensure you are keeping best health practices: 

  • -Washing hands often and with soap for 20+ seconds
  • -Disinfecting hands frequently including before and after classes
  • -Avoiding touching eyes, noses, and mouths
  • -Avoiding kissing, hugging, high fives and the sharing of cups and water bottles
  • -If you are not feeling well, you are advised to stay home.

We will keep you updated via Wodify, the website and the Athlete’s Page on Facebook. As always, feel free to contact myself, Logan or Jasmine with any questions or concerns you have. 

Love you all,


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