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JPCF Family Taking On 19.5: we WOD together, we rip together

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Blog, Challenges, WOD | on March 26, 2019

And so the 2019 CrossFit open comes to a bloody close. “Why bloody” you ask? “Chest-to-bar- pull-ups” I answer. In this post you will find a plethora (nice word right?) of quotes and accounts of amazing accomplishments, as well as many images to help memorialize the end of the open.  Thank you all for devoting your time, love, and effort to helping us continue to build such a wonderful community!

19.5 Leaderboard



1st Jenna Muri-Rosenthal 199 reps

2nd Leanna Ehrlich 189 reps

3rd Sarah Minahan 188 reps

1st John Baldwin 16:56

2nd Richard Dion 17:33

3rd Martin McDermott 18:23

JPCF 2019 CrossFit Open Leaders!



1st Leanna Ehrlich

2nd Ally Morgan

3rd Cathy Miller

1st John Baldwin

2nd James Greer

3rd Tim Wells

The Accomplishments

-Rich, John, and Martin finished RX in under the time cap. How? We are all unsure

-Melissa got her first chest to bar #crusheditliterally

-Kyle planned on getting 4 or 5 chest to bar and ended up finishing the first round and some thrusters!

-Joya found that the most efficient way to do the WOD is to move from bar to bar in a zig-zag fashion

– So many people finished scaled that I can’t even figure out the total number!

-Laura got her first chest-to-bar pull-up…then did 29 of them

– The Joya method was heavily used by many athletes to get their chest to bar. It requires you to double or even triple leg kip up!

-Sarah B. got her first chest to bar (thanks to the Joya method)

– Will dripped blood all over the floor and bar-surfaces. It was as gruesome as it was epic #Crossfit

– Leanna’s hands…did she really rip them on a bar? Or did she accidentally put them through a meat grinder? We will never truly know

– Eric and Melissa’s dog made a guest appearance.

-Stella finished Friday Night Lights with some famous hits.That’s right! We got some Cardi and Britney #cardi4ever #itsbritneyb*tch

-Tim, Andy, Sarah B. and Ally were among a few of the brave souls who dared to re-do the WOD

-Janelle used a very particular technique (potentially only doable by a human bearing another small human within them), whereby she threw her chest upward to meet the bar, as the rest of her torso began falling downward. Other’s were quite envious about the ease with which she completed her chest-to-bars

Janelle seconds before she was able to use her new chest-to-bar technique

The Witty Banter

– Ally on why they are re-doing the WOD “It’s not super enginey you know…more like sprint enginey”

-Tim in trying to positively coach Jenna “just go to that dark place”. Jenna “I’m already there!”

-Renee’s judge to Renee “You only have regular Fran left”. Renee “NO.”

-Meagan to Meredith, “Are you going to do RX”. Meredith with a look of offense “absolutely not”

-Leanna on using her love for gadgets to help her recover from 19.5 “My shipment of hand care products should get here just as I don’t need them anymore. The brand is called Ript…get it? Ript?”

Extra Photos For Your Viewing Pleasure

Rob rocking his custom-made crop-top
Jasmine contemplating her life choices
Tim! Looking almost peaceful at the top of his thruster
Nisha looking like she’s seriously going to dominate that lift

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