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Nifty Gym Features You Just Gotta Know About!

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on August 1, 2019

You’ve just finished your WOD and oh no! your quad cramped up. Whatever shall you do? If only we had a massage machine, or even a professional or two we could refer you to for a quick fix! But wait dear reader! We do have all of these things, and more! Read on to discover all the nifty gym features we offer.

Nifty Gym Features

Kettlebell Kitchen – a service run through our gym providing you with fresh food twice a week. You order meals online and food gets dropped off for pick up at the gym. If you’re interested in signing up for Kettlebell Kitchen, check out their website here. Use the code “JP” for $25 off each of your first two orders. Feel free to ask us about it!

Retail: we sell Atlas bars, RX bars, and FitAids for $3. We also sell Progenex protein powders as well as gym swag like shirts and wrist wraps. Simply go to the tablet, add to cart, and enjoy your spoils!

Lockers We have two locker options: individual lockers for $5 a month and double lockers for $10 a month. You even get to pick your own locker name!

Hypervolt – can’t afford a massage? Fear thee not, for the gym owns a Hypervolt (pictured below). You can ask a coach to grab it for you at any time before or after class. It comes with a medley of attachments to give yourself that massage you need.

Reebok 50% discount: if you go to Reebok’s corporate headquarters at the seaport and tell them you are a member of a CrossFit gym, you receive a 50% discount on any of their products.

Lost and Found – it exists! Ask a coach and they will show you the magical land.

Class perks 

Community workout: The Community class is a great opportunity to meet other athletes and get a workout in with simpler movements in a low-pressure environment. The class is included in your membership, and is $5 for non-members. Bring your family and friends! Note that the community WOD is the same on both days.

Olympic lifting class– focuses strictly on the snatch and the clean and jerk, along with the accessories involved with those two lifts. 

Powerlifting class – focuses strictly on the deadlift, bench press, and back squat, and the accessories involved with those lifts.

Open gym – Offered between morning and evening classes and at select times on the weekend. This is a great opportunity for athletes with a little more CrossFit experience to come in and do some extra skill work, mobility, or workouts.


We host events in and out of the gym throughout the year which offer great opportunities to meet other members and introduce friends, family, and puppies to our gym. Be on the lookout on our Facebook page for postings of any new events.

Friday Night Lights: During the CrossFit Open, every Friday evening becomes a gym-wide party. People bring friends, family, dogs, food and drinks…etc and we all gather together to work out and cheer others on! Sometimes we even pit athletes against each other (image of competitor athletes seen below on the right).

Memorial Day Murph: Every Memorial Day, gyms around the nation participate in a Hero WOD called Murph, which involves two miles of running and a ton of bodyweight movements, perhaps with a weighted vest. Anyone can do Murph following the right scales and we like to make quite the party of it!

Quidditch Cup: Each year we host an in-house Harry-Potter-themed competition (no Harry Potter knowledge required). You’ll be sorted into a House and as a team you gain points for attending class, PRs, skill work, etc. The Houses are named after top Crossfit Games athletes!

Watch Parties: occasionally our humble gym will be transformed into a luxurious theater for viewing parties. In the past we have had tv show/movie watching parties as well as CrossFit Games watching parties. Friends, family, and (most importantly) furry friends are welcome!

JPCF Drinking Birds: As a gym we occasionally make outings to local breweries/eateries in order to get to know each other outside of the gym. We see what each other look like without sweat!

Facebook Group: JPCF Athlete’s Page: A great place to see what’s going on in our community. Just search for JPCF Athletes and we’ll get you in there. Feel free to post accomplishments, questions, pictures, GIFs, etc. Below is a picture of members participating in an OUTWOD competition that was organically organized on the Facebook page. We only ask that you do not sell items on the FB community page.

Body Work Resources

Mandy: Formally trained as an athletic trainer, Mandy provides cupping for athletes experiencing pain, tightness or other forms of movement restriction. She’s also knowledgeable and passionate about helping athletes navigate through injury and recovery. She is easily reachable by text or phone at 617-981-5458.

Luke: our go-to massage therapist, Luke is trained in deep tissue, muscular therapies, sports massage, and relaxation techniques. He is easily reachable by phone or text at 617-676-5619.

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