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Powerlifting Total!

By Logan | In Blog, WOD | on August 4, 2019

Saturday August 10th from 10:30-12:00 we will be doing a Powerlifting Total, in an informal meet format!

What’s Powerlifting, and what’s a Powerlifting Total, and what does “meet format” mean?

Two of the power lifts you’re already very familiar with: the back squat, and the deadlift; the third is the bench press. These foundational movements build the raw strength to get to Rx in your metcons, make challenging gymnastic movements more accessible, and make Olympic lifts easier. The Powerlifting Total is simply finding a one rep max in each one of these lifts in a single session, like one of our classes.

Meet format is a little more complicated than a regular class, but we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly.
The first big difference– your lifts will be cued and judged by one of our staff, similar to the CrossFit Open. There will be a warm-up area for you to warm up and practice your lifts, but only the judged lifts will count towards your Total score, and you only get three judged lifts for each movement- the heaviest of those three will count towards your total.
Second big difference– there’s only one judged barbell for everyone. Lift order will be set by how heavy your lift is, and the barbell only gets heavier! At 10:45 we will call for first squat weights- starting at 10:50, you will squat in order of weight on the bar. After each lift, you’ll need to check in and give the weight for your next attempt. Don’t worry, we will absolutely coach you through those decisions! What this format means is that you may end up squatting twice in a row, or have 15 minutes between attempts; it all comes down to who else is lifting what weight. Once everyone is done we’ll move on to the next movement.
Third big difference– Powerlifting meets are usually divided by weight classes, with prizes for best in class and best overall. We won’t be using weight classes, but we will have a prize for best squat, best bench, best deadlift, and best Total! Best lift and Total will be calculated according to Wilks points, a conversion used in Powerlifting to compare lifters competing in different weight classes and genders.

We hope to see you this Saturday, to either cheer folks on, or to see how much you can lift!

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