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“Sorry I didn’t know!” The Pre, during, and post-wod etiquette you wished you had known!

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on July 6, 2019

It is hard to know what to do, when you haven’t been explicitly told how or why to do it. So whether you are a newbie, oldie, or somewhere in-between, here’s a refresher on common CrossFit gym etiquette. This article’s purpose is to bring to light unsaid practices and gym norms that are often not taught, but somehow secretly followed.

Pre-Workout Etiquette

Reservations: Whenever possible, reserve your spot ahead of time on wodify. You can reserve up to 72 hours in advance. By reserving you guarantee your spot in class

Timing: It is important to be on time for class. Missing more than 5 minutes means you’ve missed the workout brief and any modifications, tips or specifics that might be involved. 

Parking:  JPCF Members can park in the first two lanes nearest the building. The third lane (by the fence) is reserved for our upstairs neighbors. We can typically stack up to 3 cars per lane. Understand that if you park behind someone, you may need to move your car so that that someone may leave.

Arriving to class early: When arriving to class, you’re going to want to avoid blocking the entrance or the computer screens. You are welcome to warm up on the sides by the rowers/weights, or the blue mat area if it is not being used. Feel free to bike, use dumbbells, kettlebells, or mobility equipment.

Notifying coach: Before class is a great time to notify your  coach of 1) any injury 2) the need to leave early before class ends

During-workout Etiquette

Scaling: Every CrossFit workout is scalable. What does that mean? We can alter the volume (amount of sets or reps that you do), duration (how much rest you get), and movement (substitute or simplify the movement) to account for injuries or other physical limitations. Even if you can’t do the specific movements of the WOD, come anyway! We will take care of you!

Weightlifting:  Few tidbits to know when weightlifting 

-Never drop an empty barbell

-There are two spots on the floor in the gym where the concrete meets the hardwood underneath the mats. These spots create an uneven ledge that you wouldn’t want under your feet when you lift. You also don’t want to drop a barbell on it, which might cause it to bounce into your shins. Coach can show you where they are located.

-When weightlifting (especially in a crowded class) minimize the amount of plates you use by consolidating your weights. For example, instead of adding 6 10’s (3 on each side) to add 60 lbs to your bar, add two 25lb plates and 5lb plates. This way we can avoid a plate shortage 

-Whenever a purely weightlifting wod is programmed, be prepared to share a bar with another person. This is beneficial for a few reasons. 1) you might get to pair-up with someone who lifts a little more than you. Working out with someone who is stronger than you tends to rub off  2) you get to meet other members (yay friendship) 3) we have more weights for everyone 4) just because you’re sharing a bar, doesn’t mean you need to lift the same weight as your partner. You get some added fitness by adding and subtracting weights!

-Be mindful of others lifting. Avoid walking directly in front of someone as they lift, especially if they’re lifting at maximal capacity. Concentration is key!

General Wod Etiquitte

-Unless lots of equipment is present, DO NOT BREAK DOWN your equipment until the last person has finished the workout or coach has asked you to do so. We want to foster a positive, welcoming and supportive community, and it doesn’t feel too great to be working out while everyone around you is leaving. If pressed for time, coach may instruct you to break down before working athletes are finished.

Attitude + Ego: 

Workouts are a medley of skills. Sometimes the workouts will include things you’re great at! Other times, perhaps the things you struggle with. Most of the time however, WODs will include both. It’s very important that you leave behind the preconceived notions of what you SHOULD be able to do, as workouts are purposefully designed to be HARD. Oftentimes movements are arranged in such a way that the things you are good at might get affected, and as a result, you will need to scale appropriately. Coaches will be aware of how movements affect each other, and will provide scales accordingly. We ask that you be willing to take feedback, whether it be on scaling or form, as we want to help you be the best athlete you can be!

Post Workout Etiquette

-Always put all of the equipment you used away

-If you are done early, help others put their equipment away

-If you sweated on/got any bodily fluid onto equipment, wipe it down with disinfectant wipes found by the screens

-If you ripped on the pull-up bar, notify a coach and disinfect it. If you bled on a taped bar, grab the box cutter knife and remove the bloodied tape.

-Be mindful of next class getting started as you’re entering your scores in Wodify. Write down any notes (such modifications or scales) weights,reps, and rounds. You can also always go back and add notes later (via the Wodify app on your phone, or the website).

Dropping into other gyms Etiquette 

The neat thing about being a CrossFit athlete is that when you’re traveling, you can almost always drop-in at another CrossFit. However there are some steps/things you need to do before you do so. 

  1. Email the gym ahead of time to confirm availability for a drop-in
  2. Most gyms charge between 15-35 dollars and/or the option to buy apparel for a drop-in
  3. Arrive at least 15 min early. You will typically need to sign a waiver and get settled
  4. You represent our gym, so shine for us!

Travel Wod resources: If you don’t have a gym to drop into, check out some of the resources below for ideas about what you can do to stay fit while traveling. You can also ask a coach if you’re looking for ideas!uttP

Putting your membership on-hold: If you are away for 7 days or more, email us at info@jpcrossfit.com so that we can put your membership on pause. Your payment will be pushed back for the duration that you are away.

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