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What Are Those?!?! Gear to take your WOD-game to the next level

By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on July 16, 2019

“OMG Becky look at those thumb nubbins!” With envy all the JPCF’ers look over to see an athlete sporting new gear. How? Who knew those even existed! Fear thee not good friends, this post serves to show you a bit of the cool gear you too could be sporting to 1) help improve your WOD game and 2) raise your aesthetic levels.


For Metcons:

At some point during your CrossFit career, you’re going to want to buy CrossFit specific shoes. If you want to get into the WHY of it, check out this article written by our very own shoe expert Cathy Miller. Basically, you’re going to want a shoe with a stable (not squishy) sole for Metcons. Otherwise, you’ll find that your squishy running shoes will throw you off balance when weightlifting.

Pro tip: if you go to Reebok at the Seaport and say that you are a CrossFitter, you get 50% off of any item in the store!

Reebok Nanos

For Weightlifting:

If you become interested in Olympic lifting, you might want to consider eventually purchasing lifters. They have a solid platform and high heel, which allows for more ankle flexibility in an otherwise inflexible ankle. 

Reebok Lifters


Hand Grips

Grips are a popular hand accessory amongst CrossFitters. Grips are basically gymnastic hand gloves that help prevent your hand from ripping while doing pull-uppy things. While not necessary, grips might be helpful if you have sensitive hands and/or fear ripping. Some popular brands include Woddies and Bear Komplex.

Rogue Wodies

Wrist Wraps: 

Some people find that they get some wrist pain when it comes to overhead lifts. Wrist wraps provide more stability to your wrist and as a result, can lessen pain. You can find the very same wrist wraps pictured below (in black or green) at our gym!

Belts and Sleeves and Other Oddities

Lifting belt 

While at the beginning of your CrossFit career, a lifting belt might not be necessary. However, as you start lifting heavier weights, you might find that a lifting belt can make you feel safer while maxing-out by helping you and brace. The belt helps you “brace” by giving you something to press your belly against as you lift. It is not recommended to use a belt for every lifting session as that can lead to weak abdominal muscles and subpar bracing technique. It can be beneficial to wear one when the weight is at 85%+ your 1rm or when the volume is high at a moderately heavy weight (i.e. 40 cleans at 80% your 1rm). Some athletes house their belts in the equipment room so feel free to take a look at them!

Pro Tip: When using a lifting belt, you do not suck in and tighten. Instead, flex (push out) your abs while tightening the belt. When you go to take your breath before you lift, breathe to fill up your belly and push against the belt.

Rogue Belt

Knee Sleeves:

Knee sleeves are helpful if you have a history of knee injuries, weakness, or discomfort. They are also helpful during high-rep workouts involving lots of squatting (i.e. box jumps, wall balls, pistols), or for really heavy lifting workouts (i.e. squat cleans). Some people also find that they provide some protection during lunges or even burpees. They come in different thicknesses (typically 5mm or 7mm). Some feel that going too thick makes the sleeves hard to use for a metcon, though some prefer more support. Truly, it’s up to your need. Some popular brands include Rehband and Rogue.

Rogue Sleeves

Thumb Nubbins

Cute and helpful, these little nubs help protect your thumbs when doing barbell work or pull-up type stuff. Does the hook grip hurt you? Nubbins might be able to help with that!

Jerkfit Thumb Nubs

Jump rope:

The gym is fully equipped with jump ropes, and they are labelled by size, though it can be hard to find the exact same rope each time. It is difficult to learn how to do double under on inconsistent ropes. Even a difference of an inch can mean you are missing your dubs. If you purchase your own rope, you can customize it to your height and know exactly how it will feel every time you spin it. There are TONS of different types of ropes. This is simply an example of one.

*Gear links take you to Rogue versions of the equipment. Though Rogue and CrossFit have a relationship, JP Crossfit is not endorsed by, or receiving any monetary compensation for referencing this Rogue equipment. All images of Rogue equipment are property of Rogue.

*Image of shoes are property of Reebok.

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