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  • With the CrossFit Games starting next Monday, I imagine that many of you are pretty excited. If you competed in the Open, you’ll finally be getting a look at who you were up against. But even if you didn’t register for the Open, you’ll still have the chance to see the best CrossFitters in the […]

  • Exertional Rhabdomyelosis is a very serious medical condition that the media has repeatedly associated with CrossFit.  So what is it, and how much should you worry? What is rhabdo? Rhabdomyelosis (often shortened to “rhabdo”) occurs when severely damaged muscle cells suddenly break down.  Their components–particularly the protein myoglobin–are released into the blood and filtered through […]

  • Telling friends and family that I CrossFit elicits one of several possible responses.  Some of you have probably heard these two: 1) “Whoa, seriously?  That’s SO INTENSE!” 2) “You?  But you’re such a small girl… isn’t that dangerous?” I find this concerning.  Despite how it’s described in the media, CrossFit is not some inaccessible heavy […]

  • What Shoes Should I Wear?

    By Logan | In Articles, Blog, New To CrossFit | on November 30, 2012

    I have a lot of shoes. While doing CrossFit, we spend a lot of time moving on our feet, wether it is running, jumping, lifting, or whatever. Having the right shoe can make all the difference between getting a new Personal Record, or a blister. There are a few things I look for in a […]

  • What’s a WOD?

    By Logan | In Blog, New To CrossFit, WOD | on October 7, 2012

    WOD stands for “Workout of the Day.”    WODs are the foundation of the CrossFit experience, the actual high intensity workouts you’ll be accomplishing when you show up to the gym.  Though we may do a warm-up and a number of other exercises during class, WODs are when your body will be working its hardest and […]

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