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  • 2020 JPCF Gym Intentions!

    By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on January 5, 2020

    Happy New Years JPCF family! Here at JPCF we are excited for all of the opportunities we have to continue to improve ourselves and this gym we love! We wanted to take the time to let you all in on some of our 2020 intentions. We want to do this for a few reasons 1) […]

  • Congrats on finishing the open! For the past 5 weeks we have been challenging ourselves to do things we never thought we could. For some of you, this was your first open, and for others of you, it was one of many you get to put under your belt! The Open provides us with one […]

  • 20.4 And YOU Get a PR, And YOU Get a PR, Everyone Gets a PR!

    By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on November 6, 2019

    What do you get when you combine Halloween and the Open? Unbelievably adorable puppies in costume! While decked out in awesome costumes, our athletes BROUGHT IT during 20.4! Coaches ran around trying to keep track of all the PR’s but there were honestly so many of them, that coaches gave up and instead ran around […]

  • 20.3 Return of the Dreaded Hand Stand Push-up Standard!

    By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on October 30, 2019

    Though the weight was heavy, and the handstand standards daunting, our athletes did a great job jumping headfirst (get it?) into the WOD. Our members conducted a deep analysis of the new HSPU standard (seen to the right) and decided that they would throw caution to the wind and just go for it! And boy […]

  • 20.2 Heavy Thrusters for You!!!

    By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on October 22, 2019

    When the workout was first announced by Tim!, we all thought to ourselves “surely they mean 1 dumbbell? ” and then when we saw the 20 min time domain, we thougth “Dave Castro is truly evil incarnate”. Regardless JPCFers donned their blues and reds (shout out to team Jasminesdottir…and I suppose team Timsdottir) and went […]

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