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  • 20.1 Burpee Armageddon

    By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on October 14, 2019

    Was it a burpee workout? Was it a barbell workout? Was it a burpee workout disguised as a barbell workout? One thing is for sure, the aftermath left our athletes strewn in victorious, sweaty piles! This workout tested your ability to pace, your muscular endurance, and most importantly your mental toughness. Before we get into […]

  • Gymnastics Seminar Part 5: Handstand Push up + Handstand Walk

    By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on October 8, 2019

    Welcome back to part 5 of our 5 part series on all those nifty gymnastics movements we know you are itching to get! Handstands are incredibly difficult, be they in kipping push up, strict push up, or walking form. Not only do these variations of handstands require general strength, but they also require a great […]

  • Announcing the First Annual JPCF Dottir-off!

    By Tim! Wells | In Blog, Challenges | on October 2, 2019

    Greetings travelers!  Open season is upon us once again! Those delightful five weeks where we find out how our fitness stack up against the rest of the world! Where we test our finely tuned skills in an international contest of will and grit!! Where, as Jasmine would say, we discover our inner Katrin Davidsdottir and […]

  • Gymnastics Seminar Part 4: Bar Muscle Up

    By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on October 1, 2019

    Welcome back to the fourth edition of our gymnastics blog posts! In this blog post, we hope to give you drills that will help emphasize your ability to pull-down, maintain a hollow body position, and pull over onto the bar. We recommend selecting 2-3 drills and doing them 1-2 times a week (preferably when you’re […]

  • Gymnastics Seminar Part 3: Ring Muscle-ups

    By Jasmine Gerritsen | In Articles, Blog | on September 24, 2019

    Welcome back to this edition of JPCF Gymnastics Seminars! In this post, you will find a medley of skills and drills to help you get comfortable with both strict and kipping ring muscle-ups. Even if you believe muscle-ups are not in the near future for you, these drills will help build your strength in the […]

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