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  • What’s a WOD?

    By Logan | In Blog, New To CrossFit, WOD | on October 7, 2012

    WOD stands for “Workout of the Day.”    WODs are the foundation of the CrossFit experience, the actual high intensity workouts you’ll be accomplishing when you show up to the gym.  Though we may do a warm-up and a number of other exercises during class, WODs are when your body will be working its hardest and […]

  • Almost there…

    By admin | In Blog, News | on October 6, 2012

    We wrapped up this week with another great day finishing off the last of the flooring, and getting the walls primed for painting on Monday.  Speaking of Monday, we’re getting a 6000 lb package from Again Faster, filled with all sorts of goodies!  Once again we’ll have an open house for any and all to […]

  • Make It Paleo!

    By Logan | In Blog, Books, Recipes | on September 19, 2012

    Today I picked up a copy of an excellent cookbook called The Food Lovers Make It Paleo, (Victory Belt Publishing, 2011) by Mark Staley and Hayley Mason, authors of The Food Lovers Primal Palette.  After browsing through probably 20 different paleo, primal, gluten-free, and other similar cookbooks in my local bookstore, I’ve determined that this […]

  • Not all calories are created equal.

    By Logan | In Articles, Blog | on September 10, 2012

    While Paleo Diet enthusiasts have been insisting this is true for years, the American Medical Association published a paper in June that has shattered the notion that your body treats all calories the same. Led by researchers out of Children’s Hospital, the study demonstrates that diets that reduce the spike in blood sugar after meals are ideal for weight loss, […]

  • Ready or not, September is here.

    By admin | In Blog, News | on September 2, 2012

    In two short weeks, JP CrossFit will start moving in.  August has been a busy month for everyone at JP CrossFit already, and September will be even busier.  The website needs a few final touches, and we need a lot of work done at our box.  So, if you have an afternoon to spare in […]

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